Title: Simulation of a cooperative transportation scenario with two Comau Smart-Six robots placed on a slide

Author of the experiment: Vincenzo Petrone

Description: A cooperating scene with two Comau Smart-Six robots placed on opposite sides of a sliding track and equipped with two-finger grippers is designed in the RViz visualization environment. Trajectories are planned to perform a pick and place operation by only using kinematic information. The planning employs the capabilities provided by MoveIt! and extends them to the cooperating scenario. Point-to-point and Cartesian trajectories with constraints are planned for the robot on the left, the master, and then they are specularly adapted for the robot on the right, the slave, by keeping the relative position and orientation fixed such that the object is safely manipulated.

Title: Teleoperation through haptic device

Author of the experiment: Francesco Rosa

Description: A ROS-based software architecture is developed to teleoperate the simulated position-controlled UR10 robot through a 3D-System haptic interface. At first, initialization and calibration are performed by inserting the commanding device end-effector, the stylus, into the inkwell. Then, in the control phase, movements performed by the user through the stylus are replicated by the robot in such a way that the robot end-effector points towards the same direction as the stylus, while its position is relative to the initial one. In order not to lose sensitivity and precision, the end-effector motion is not scaled, mimicking exactly the haptic device motion. Results are demonstrated in the Gazebo simulator.